Best Buddies Team Up With Salazar

Spooky tricks were abound in a sea of treats on Halloween as Salazar Elementary School trick-or-treated at Payton.  For the eleventh year in a row, Payton opened its doors to the community in order to spread some Halloween spirit.  Salazar students have been coming to the school since Payton’s opening, but only began coming to the Best Buddies program since 2003.  The partnership between Salazar and Ms. Spencer with The Best Buddies Friendship Club has always given both schools a lot to cheer and fear about.  Throughout the first floor atrium different stations supplied the fun and excitement.  Between the dancing, candy passing out, costume show-offs or other games this was yet another successful Halloween school-crossover.  Payton students showed the Salazarians the right way to trick-or-treat, how to be safe while doing it, and the best kind of candy to get.  It was a mix of games and lessons.  For every dance they did or candy they took, there was also a lot to be learned.  Safety is always first, a no-brainer, that our students did a great job of showing.

Mr. Potter, a teacher with Best Buddies, has a first hand account on the festivities.  “It’s a great program because it’s such a safe environment, and we’re not just giving them candy.  They are getting the candy through activities that help them [Salazar students] learn safe trick or treating habits.  It also lets our students interact and be role models for these young children.”

This is always a good school showing, a time where all ages of students, from both Salazar and Payton, get to unwind, ready themselves for their Halloween funny, boogie a little, and eat a lot of candy.  The only thing missing was a toothbrush station…

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