Ice Cold Fashion

This winter, the cold temperatures and snowfall came early in mid-November, so Payton came prepared. Nathan Bahadursingh ’15 rocks a plaid shirt, with a white tee underneath, standard black pants, comfy shoes, and a jean jacket to stay warm.


Layers are must for this season. Who said that floral prints was only for Spring and Summer? Sophia Blomquist ‘15 shows off her style with dark floral print pants that are perfect for the winter. Don’t forget about layers! She layers a grey sweater on top of a white blouse to make sure that she’s fashionable but warm. Her pants are tucked into her black knit calf-length socks to add a little more layering. She tops the outfit off with one of fall/winter’s hottest trends: chunky platforms. Her black leather platforms feature patent leather accents making her shoes, and outfit, something to remember.


Plaid is a go-to winter trend. Alexa Moster ‘16 wears her plaid, red and black, high waisted pants with a simple gray turtleneck tucked underneath. She pairs it with black legwarmers, black laced shoes and a long black sweater to not only bring out her pants, but also keep warm through the hallways of Payton.


Cold weather isn’t an excuse for bad fashion this winter. You can keep warm and look good doing it if you follow these easy winter trends.

Photos by: Myriah Weatherspoon

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