12 Things All Dog Owners Can Relate To During Winter


1. When it’s freezing outside and your dog wants to be walked.



2. When you’re walking your dog, and they have to obsessively stop and sniff every patch of yellow snow.


Is that really necessary?

3. When you have to do a dance around salt on the sidewalks with your dog so that their feet don’t burn, but then you fail, and you have to buy them booties.


4. When there’s a mountain of snow and your dog expertly poos in a hole, making you trek in the deep snow, stepping in who knows what, to pick it up. Oh, and by the way, your dog wants to continue walking right this minute.



5. When your dog slips on stairs because you can’t use salt because their feet will burn.


(GASP) Aw poor baby are you okay?

6. Carefully stepping around pee spots and frozen poop trying to get literally anywhere in your backyard.

7. Wiping. Your. Dog’s. Feet. Every. Single. Time.

Really? Do you really need to go out again?

8. The telling smell of wet dog that gets you in trouble because you didn’t dry your dog.



9. When you tear off your wet coat, boots, and other winter necessities, and envy your dog’s fur coat.

10. When your dog falls asleep, curled up into a ball, exhausted from being out in the snow.


11. When you realize that you freaking love your dog and that they are perfect beings that love you back.


That is, until they want to go out again.





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