How To Plan Your Spring Break Road Trip

With spring break right around the corner, it is time to finalize your plans. As a full time student you may not have started figuring out your spring break and as flight prices increase exponentially and you should have started planning days even weeks before. Never fear, regardless of who you want to vacation with, a road trip is always an exciting option. Before just taking off into the sunset there are some important planning details that must be worked out to make this the best spring break ever.


Step one: Figure out who you plan to spend your spring break with.
Your destination and activities while on break will entirely depend on who you are with and what the group’s interests are.


Step two: Find the perfect destination.
Remember, your family might want to hike all day, but your friends may want to sunbathe at all hours. If you plan on going with a mix of different people, try to compromise.


Step three: Figure out how much you are willing to spend.
The budget will decide the fate of all activities you participate in as well as where you stay. Before you make any definite plans, research prices and deals. Make sure to check hotel package deals, groupon, and websites such as expedia and priceline.


Step four: Make your reservations and double check you have read all the terms and conditions. You don’t want to end up at a hotel with a minimum check in age of 21 with no adults. If you score a hotel with a minimum age of 18, don’t forget your government issued id.


Step five: Map out your trip. Plan out what roads you will take, where you will stop, and how much time you will allocate for activities. When organizing your activities, don’t forget to leave time to relax;it is spring break after all.


Step six: Make your final plans and prepare to hit the road. Decide who will bring the snacks, water, and emergency jackets.

Now you have all the tips you need to plan the perfect spring break road trip. Start planning now as spring break is slowly creeping up on us. Don’t forget, it’s vacation, and it should feel that way.

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