Unconventional Mother’s Day

By Anne Kleinaitis

Staff Writer

Many of us are struggling with gift ideas for Mother’s Day, and some of us even forgot about Mother’s Day entirely (it’s Sunday, May 10th, by the way). If you have a mother who is particularly difficult to shop for, here are some ideas for an unconventional Mother’s Day.

For the mother who has a black thumb:

Instead of traditional Mother’s Day flowers, such as the boring bouquet of pastel petals, try a potted plant such as a succulent or a cactus. These plants require little care and add a touch of green to any plant-killer’s home.

For the mother who can’t cook:

Sign you both up for a cooking class. It will be fun, and you will learn how to make a dish that you can create together in the future.

For the mother whom you dislike but you have to be with since it’s Mother’s Day:

Try a group yoga class. You can spend time together but don’t have to talk to each other.

For the mother who is adventurous:

Create a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood by hiding notes that lead her to the restaurant/café/location of your choice. This will be fun for the mom who always loves to try new things.

For the mother who has many children:

Recreate a cooking show in your own kitchen. Your mother will then taste a dish from each sibling and decide on her favorite dish.

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