Priceless Prom

By Brenda Quach

Staff Writer

Courtesy of Giphy.com

The prom season in full swing, and high school students everywhere are scrambling to prepare for this high school rite of passage. With the average American family spending nearly $1,000 on prom night, it is natural to try to shave down the costs any way you can. If you’re looking to save some money without having to compromising the prom experience, here are some tips on how to cut down costs.



For most girls, the most expensive purchase for prom is the dress. At any department store, a designer prom dresses can cost hundreds of dollars, which is a price too steep for many. It can also be a waste of money if you don’t plan on wearing your prom dress again. Services such as Rent the Runway allow you to avoid these problems by renting dresses and accessories instead of buying. You can rent a designer dress for a fraction of the cost, and you don’t have to worry about what to do with the dress after you’re done.


When it comes to makeup, it can be extremely difficult to apply on yourself, especially for an occasion as formal and important as prom. A lot of girls opt out of DIY makeup and go to a salon, or hire a makeup artist for their needs. However, if this is out of your budget, a great way to save money is to have your makeup done at a department store cosmetic counter, or at a beauty store such as MAC or Sephora. These stores usually require a minimum in store purchase, but will happily do a makeover for free.



For many girls, perfectly polished nails is an absolute must for prom. But with a mani/pedi costing upwards of $100, it can be hard to fit into a budget. A good way to save money on nails is to do them at home. Gather your girlfriends and spend a night painting each other’s nails, saving you and your friends money while having a fun time.



Shoes, purses, and jewelry seem like small purchases, but they can definitely add up. If you already have formal accessories that you like and go with your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to wear them. But if you’re looking for a new look, ask your friends or family if they have some items you can borrow. However, if you do feel the need to buy brand new accessories, be sure to buy things you can see yourself wearing again in the future.

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