Ms. Mowery presented with Heroes in the Classroom Award

Ms. Mowery, the Staff Advisor of the Paw Print, was shocked to be presented with the Symetra Heroes in the Classroom Award on December 3. Representatives of the Chicago Bears and Symetra interrupted her Newspaper class as fellow staff and students stood to applaud. The beloved educator was chosen from thousands of Chicagoland nominees as one of 16 recipients of the award. According to the foundation, the recipient is a K-12 educator who “makes a real difference in students’ lives, … goes above and beyond in his/her day-to-day responsibilities, … [and] helps students build life skills.” Ms. Mowery was presented with Bears paraphernalia, two tickets to a Bears game (with her featured on the Jumbotron), and a $1,000 cash prize. When presented with the award, Mowery said that “It’s [Payton] an extraordinary school with extraordinary students” and she is continually grateful “to be of service to everyone.” After years of teaching and mentoring, the Payton community is thrilled that Ms. Mowery is being recognized.


Ms. Mowery is still in a state of shock from her surprise.

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