Animal Society at Payton helps animals find their path

Can you find the path to these holiday animals?Capture

Have you found yourself teary-eyed after one of Sarah McLachlan’s animal abuse commercials? If you care about the mistreatment of animals around the world, the Animal Society at Payton- ASAP for short- is perfect for you. ASAP is a club open to anyone interested in learning about injustices that animals face every day in our city and around the world.

In addition to learning about global issues that impact animal life, ASAP creates service projects to benefit animals and spread the word about animal abuse.

“In past years, we have spent the winter months collecting fleece and later making these into dog blankets and toys that we donate to animal shelters around Chicago,” says Elise Wagner ‘17, President of ASAP.

Earlier this year, they made posters to inform Payton students on animal shelters, and smaller signs about pet safety during the cold winter months.

This year, ASAP is setting a station at the wellness fair, so keep your eyes peeled. They’ll have lots of fun activities, and information about their club and what they do.They’ll be asking for help from our favorite Payton service animal, Bijou, to learn about their role in society.

“Animals do not have a voice, so humans must learn to use theirs as a way to protect these living things from harm and injustice,” said Wagner.

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