Possible CPS Bankruptcy

Governor Rauner is attempting to pass legislation that would allow the state to takeover the financial strapped Chicago Public Schools. While the outcome of CPS declaring bankruptcy is still unknown, for this would be the district first time, many criticize the proposal based on previous school takeover in neighboring states. While students are Walter Payton await the decision, many students fear the possibility of class size increases and personnel cuts affecting Payton’s most vulnerable students.

Last night Republicans proposed legislation that would allow the state to oversee CPS, thus allowing them to file bankruptcy for CPS. This would not be Rauner’s first attempt in saying the solution for CPS is filing for bankruptcy, however, CPS CEO Forrest Claypool stands by his rhetoric of blaming the inequitable funding by Springfield on CPS’s financial crisis.

Former Vice-President of CPS, Jesse Ruiz, in a sit-down interview last month, discusses  Rauner’s attempt to file bankruptcy for CPS: “Let’s look at long term solutions and not to tear something down, because in bankruptcy that’s what you do tear something apart and try to salvage the good pieces you don’t do that in school districts..and frankly as long as I have the ability to speak out against it I will.


Ruiz has been a long time lawyer of DrinkerBiddle. This, along with his numerous years serving on various school boards and commissions both at the federal, state, and local level attribute to his reasoning against the filing of bankruptcy of a school district.


This move by Republicans can be seen as yet another attempt to threaten and incite fear amongst CPS employees, parents, and students to call the mayor to push Rauner’s political education agenda. If by any detrimental chance this legislation is passed, the embattled Mayor Emanuel will not only face public backlash, but will then be forced to reevaluate his continual agenda of privatizing the public education system.


For the full interview with Jesse Ruiz checkout the link below.


Photo Credit: Colin Boyle of Lane Tech

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