Payton Community Stands with its Teachers

CPS’S letter home to parents last night did not seem to disrupt the nearly 200 pre-planned walk-in across Chicago today. While the letter’s language labeled these walk-ins as “civil disobediences,” it did not stop over one hundred Payton students from standing in support of their teachers.

With many students arriving to school surprised to see a mass of students and teachers outside the school, students and teachers took this opportunity to talk with students about the current CPS financial crisis and teacher contract.

Senior Karla Solis, who has not been able to make the rallies said, “I love the idea of a walk-in because I want my teachers to know I support them.”

This video doesn’t exist

At approximately 7:50 a.m. students and teachers walked into Payton High School at 1034 North Wells.

With many students energized around rallying for their teachers, advisories took group pictures with signs that all started with “We Walk-In @ Payton for” and then students were able to individualize why they took part in the walk-in.

Junior Reyna Roldan, summed up today’s events: “We love our teachers, our schools, and our communities and CPS has to know that!”

In depth article to come.



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