Instrumental Spring Concert a Resounding Success



By Will Foster ’20

Payton’s instrumental ensembles held their spring concert Friday night in the recital hall, showing off the school’s incredible musical talent. Performing were the Payton Chamber Strings, Payton Jazz Orchestra, and Payton Concert Band, all directed by Mr. Glenn Rode.

The jazz orchestra stole the show with their rousing performances, but the string orchestra and concert band were also exceptional.

“I really enjoyed it,” said Max Levine ‘20. “All of the groups were really good.”

The concert began with the string orchestra playing the energetic first movement of Mozart’s Symphony No. 25. After that, they played “Spring” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and four pieces from Handel’s Water Music.

Then the jazz orchestra entered, beginning with “Let’s Dance” by Gregory Stone, Josef Bonime, and Fanny May Baldridge and playing five more selections before ending with John Williams’ “Swing, Swing, Swing” from the movie “1941.”

After intermission, the concert band delivered a rollicking rendition of Williams’ march from “1941,” and played six more pieces, finishing with a suite from the musical “My Fair Lady,” by Frederick Loewe.

As an encore, the band performed a medley of the songs for each branch of the armed forces, in honor of Saturday’s Armed Forces Day. They then concluded with John Philip Sousa’s spirited “Stars and Stripes Forever.” An American flag unfurled from the rafters when the final chorus began.

“It was really good,” said Samantha Chen ‘20, “and it was really fun seeing my friends up there performing.”


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