Payton Players Perform ‘Red Noses’



By Will Foster ’20

Payton Players premiered its performance of the play “Red Noses” on Friday night, in front of a large crowd in the school auditorium. The play, written by Peter Barnes in 1978, is a zany comedy set in France during the Black Death of the 1300s.

The main character, Marcel Flote — brilliantly played by Jake Elliot ’18 — is a traveling Catholic monk who has several humorous run-ins with other members of the faith, from crazed flagellants to a fundamentalist priest to the Pope himself.

Directed by Mr. Kevin Wasielewski, one of Payton’s English and drama teachers, the play featured a 22-member cast, assisted by a stage crew of 32 students.

Abby Rooney ’18 delivered a standout performance as Father Toulon, as did Magda Saliba ’20 playing Pope Clement VI. Like Elliot, the two found their moments to shine in several lengthy soliloquies.

Audience member Jon-Edward Stokes ’20 lauded the performance afterwards, calling it “a great mix between humor and thoughtfulness.” He added, “I look forward to future productions!”

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