Thanksgiving Dinner Horoscopes


By Nyarai Khepra

Staff Writer
Aries: Turkey

You’re the main attraction, Aries! People admire your passion and independent spirit.


Taurus: Dressing and Stuffing

People either love or hate you, Taurus, but most people love you! You’re dependable, allowing people to rely on you in many ways.


Gemini: Spaghetti

Your multi-layered personality allows you to blend in wherever you go, Gemini! Your energy and quick-wit make people want you around all year, not just during Thanksgiving.


Cancer: Sweet Potato Pie

You’re super sweet, Cancer! You know exactly what people want because of your intuition and always help the people you care about to achieve their goals.


Leo: Ham

You’re secretly everyone’s favorite, Leo! Your warm personality attracts all kinds of people and your bold personality keeps them coming back.


Virgo: Cranberry Sauce

You’re essential, Virgo! People love to have you around and they love the idea of your presence, even if they haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you.


Libra: Cornbread and Rolls

Things are not complete without you, Libra! You balance every environment you enter without even knowing it.


Scorpio: Macaroni and Cheese

You’re like one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Scorpio! Your cool exterior is mystifying to a lot of people but your personality is intense and full of flavor.


Sagittarius: Corn

You’re a joy to be around, Sagittarius! You can come off as impatient, but in reality you just love change and are really enthusiastic about new environments and experiences.


Capricorn: Green bean Casserole

You’re the life of the party, Capricorn! You maintain a calm exterior and are very responsible, but you are everyone’s go-to when they need someone solid on their team.


Aquarius: Collard Greens

You’re eccentric, Aquarius! Most people would say you’re shy, which is true, but you also have a more outgoing side.


Pisces: Mashed Potatoes

You’re lovable, Pisces! You are very understanding, so being around you is always a chill experience.

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