Payton Hosts Annual Model UN Conference



By Will Foster ’20

Payton hosted its annual Model United Nations conference on Saturday, December 2, bringing in dozens of students from around the Chicago area for a day of debate and problem-solving.

Schools represented included Parker, Whitney Young, and Jones, among others. Committees ranged from actual United Nations simulations like UN Women to historical scenarios, such as President Nixon’s cabinet. There were even two fantasy committees set in the Harry Potter universe, with the Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters, located down the hall from one another, vying to win the Wizarding War with their schemes and directives.

Over the previous several months, Payton’s Model UN team had planned scenarios, written topic background guides, and coordinated logistical details. On the day of the conference, many of them chaired committees.

For some, like Max Levine ‘20, it was their first time in that role. “It was a great experience and so much fun,” said Levine, who co-chaired the World Economic Forum committee with Helen Wei ‘20. “I am so proud of the team and all of our hard work.”

Photos by Isaac Gershberg

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