From Pizza to Craisins – What Rates at Payton

By Ben Lohman, Staff Writer

The rules were simple. Students were asked to review four Payton school lunch entrees (pizza, chicken sandwich, chicken drumsticks, and cheeseburgers) and four side dishes (tater tots, french fries, mashed potatoes, and Craisins). Each student was asked to identify strengths and weaknesses and give an overall grade out of 4 stars. The results, both entertaining and disgusting, are recorded below.

The first entree students were surveyed about were slices of pizza. The majority of students surveyed were “very pleased” with the pizza options this year. Salaar Pourkhalili ‘18 believes that “the crustiness of the pepperoni is impeccable.” He also added that “the pizza this year is a big step up from that of years past.”

Tomer Tur-Kaspa ‘18 “The stringiness of the cheese is good and the sauce is not bland, which I️ enjoy.” However, there are some skeptics on the quality of the pizza, such as Julian Melchor ‘20 who stated “It’s real food, I think. I don’t know.”

PIZZA: Overall rating 3/4 stars.

Students were then asked their thoughts on both the spicy and non-spicy chicken sandwiches, the long-held favorite entree of the entire student body. Colin Butler ‘19 remarked that “The bun has a light delicate breading while simultaneously being crunchy.”

Although Joey Saviano ‘21 and Guillermo Rojas ‘21 both claim that they quite often find chunks of uncooked meat in the sandwich, leaving a “cold and unsettling taste” in their mouths.

CHICKEN SANDWICHES: Overall rating 4/4 stars.

Next up, the lowest reviewed of the entrees, the chicken drumsticks. Every student interviewed about the entree gave negative feedback. Grace Hauser ‘18 said “It looks gross, I’d rather just be hungry.”

Sage Shindler ‘20 agreed with Grace, saying “I’ll just take my milk.”

From the student reviews, one thing is clear. The chicken drumsticks either need to be seriously upgraded or replaced!

CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS: Overall rating .5/4 stars

The cheeseburger is a fan favorite among Payton students. Eamon Glascott ‘21 claims “Every cheeseburger is good.” Ally Powrie ‘18 adds that “The bun is the best part of the burger.” Despite the universal love for burgers, the majority of Payton students concede that the cheese is a little too crusty.

Olivia Klein ‘18 claims to have experimented with the burgers in other ways than just eating them, stating “I swear the burgers bounce.”

CHEESEBURGER: Overall rating 3/4 stars

While entrees were the primary points of contention, students were also surveyed about a number of side dishes including tater tots, french fries, mashed potatoes, and Craisins.

Miles Thompson ‘18 expressed his “deep love” of tater tots saying “The crunch is so amazing and they are always so fresh. We definitely need tater tots more often.”

Ivan Paredes ‘21 was not so enthusiastic in his review of the french fries, claiming, “They are very average. They are filling, but very bland and need more salt.”

Ananya Gupta ‘18, upon tasting school lunch mashed potatoes for the first time admitted she wasn’t too impressed, sharing, “The potatoes had the consistency of water but tasted like paper.”

Lastly, Erik Haneberg offered a glowing recommendation of Payton’s Craisins, exclaiming, “School lunch Craisins might be better than getting into college!”

We couldn’t agree more.

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