Coffee craving: 34% covet consistently

Every morning, you’ll see at least one person on your way from the security desk to advisory carrying, drinking or making coffee.

Coffee has been many things throughout history: a symbol of status and wealth, a sign of American patriotism, a highly profitable crop.

Today, coffee is a socially accepted drink. Though it used to be a drink more common amongst American adults and college students, it has since become a drink common to a younger population––high schoolers.

At Payton, coffee is everywhere. Teachers drink it throughout the day, students bring it in the morning –– in a thermos or from a cafe –– and seniors frequently go off campus to buy it so that they can make it through the end of the day.

Some teachers, such as Señora Quintero, have coffee makers in their rooms, which they occasionally use during class for their fix.

Caffeine is a psychoactive drug, a fact often overlooked when it comes to the popularity and normalization of coffee.

54% percent of Americans drink coffee daily, but the addictive nature of caffeine is often unnoticed by a majority of those people.

Drinking coffee every morning can result in caffeine dependence, so it can be hard to stop drinking it as withdrawals include headaches, lack of focus, and fatigue.   

For many people, coffee is socialized because of their parents.

“All of our parents pretty much drink it, so we grow up drinking it,” said Hanna Goldberg ‘19.

If your parents drink coffee, it becomes more accessible, and more normal as a morning routine.

We wanted to find out just how popular coffee drinking has become. Among the senior class, 23 of 67 students drink coffee regularly. That is 34% (Of course it is.) Though that doesn’t match up to the national average for adults, 54%, it comes close, and the rate is growing every year.

Whether people drink it for energy, taste, or simply because it is accessible, coffee has become a widely popular drink.

Even though the numbers of high schoolers drinking coffee doesn’t match the number of college student or adult coffee drinkers, the growing popularity of the drink is clear.

Whether it’s from Starbucks, homemade, or from a local cafe, today, coffee is everywhere.

So if you’re looking for suggestions or for a new favorite drink, here are some Paw Print staff favorites: Cold Brew; Caramel Macchiato; Flat White; Dirty Chai Tea Latte; Caffe Latte; Peppermint Mocha.

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