How to find love at Payton

By Isabelle Ravanas, Editor-In-Chief

Certain clubs at Payton provided Valentine’s Day services to Payton lovebirds, however, below are tips to take matters into your own hands.

Though Valentine’s Day has come and gone once again, we at Paw Print believe that there are opportunities to find romance in the school even when it isn’t brimming with flowers, brownies, and SOS videos. After some intense discussion, here are 14 of our main tips for all of you romantics searching for a little love this school year. 

  1. Aquarium Club- If they break your heart they can swim with the fish
  2. Feel your hearts beat in sync while reading the Payton Pulse
  3. Now that we’re all watching PNN, invite your crush to watch it with you
  4. Light up your night in the auditorium, or don’t, we have no idea what’s going on with the lights
  5. Re-enact Romeo and Juliet while crying out for each other on the up and down stairs
  6. Make lingering eye contact during the Payton pause
  7. Picnic together with the geese in the Moody Bible field 
  8. Kiss with your mask on while everyone stares #relationshipgoals #covidsafety 
  9. Enjoy a romantic lunch of fish sticks and one piece of celery in the East Cafe
  10. Go pet the therapy dog together 
  11. Miss the train for your SO only to find yourself waiting 30 minutes for the next one 
  12. Find a little sweetness at a sports game together
    1. Wear your masks
      1. Preferably
        1. Please
  13. Cry over AP Chem together 
  14. Confess your love on one of the many Payton Instagram accounts

Try these recommendations, or don’t; either way, according to one anonymous senior, “there is no love here”.

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