Rehumanizing school closures: “Saving money” but hurting students (Multimedia Podcast)

By Addie Daab, Alexandros Kroner, Colin Symons, Jada Wordlaw, and Natalie Soutonglang, Contributors

In 2014 almost 50 schools were closed across Chicago in what was the largest school closure in Chicago’s history.
Photo credit to Isabelle Ravanas

Students in Multimedia Literacy built projects to address inequities in Chicago Public Schools. Our project, Rehumanizing School Closures, focuses on raising awareness around the impacts of school closures.

This first episode of our podcast introduces the events and social and educational consequences of the 2014 Chicago Public Schools closures. We interview Payton students as well as Kristina Lunger Lopez at CPS’ Office of Equity in order to learn more about why school closures matter nearly a decade later.

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