Day in the Life: What do PawPrint editors do during a day off?

Spring sports beginning, Quarter 3 drawing to a close, and AP exams less than two months away; the school year is in full swing. The day off provides time for students to take care of what is often neglected during the end-of-year push, and our editors run errands, meet up with friends, and spend time with family. 

Megha Khemka: Day off with Twelfth Night

After catching up on homework and going on a walk with her dad to get lunch, Megha takes the CTA to watch the opening night of Payton Players’ Twelfth Night with a friend and crew member.

Bridget Galibois: Kicking back after SATs

Bridget worked on upcoming assignments from home. With the spring sports and the girls’ soccer season at Payton having recently kicked off, she then joins her friends for practice at Lincoln park after juniors finished taking the SATs at Payton

Aaron Faier: Souping up!

A practicing Jew, Aaron starts this morning, like every other, with tefillin. After going grocery shopping to make mushroom barley soup, he heads to a nearby COVID- testing center for a PCR test. 

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