What type of Swiftie are you?

By Alexis Park, Copy Editor

After choosing your answers to each question, add up the points next to each answer choice to tabulate your final score. Then compare it with the score categories below.

Taylor Swift, the multi-generational icon, went from beginning her career in country, chart-toping in pop, and finding herself in alternative.
  1. What is your favorite Taylor Swift Album?
    1. Taylor Swift (4) 
    2. Fearless (2) 
    3. Speak Now (5) 
    4. Red (2)
    5. 1989 (1)
    6. Reputation (1)
    7. Lover (4)
    8. Folklore (5)
    9. Evermore (3)
  2. Favorite Taylor Swift quote:
    1. “I bury hatchets but I keep maps of where I put them” (1)
    2. “You kept me like a secret, but I kept you like an oath” (2)
    3. “I don’t like that falling feels like flying ‘til the bone crush” (3)
    4. “People throw rocks at things that shine” (4)
    5. “I had a marvelous time ruining everything” (5) 
  3. Choose a random place to live:
    1. LA, California (1)
    2. Paris, France (2) 
    3. Anywhere, New Hampshire (3) 
    4. London, UK (4)
    5. New York, New York (5)
  4. Choose a popular Taylor Swift Song:
    1. I Don’t Want to Live Forever (1)
    2. All too Well (2)
    3. Mirrorball (3) 
    4. Champagne problems (4) 
    5. The Story of Us (5) 
  5. Choose a non-Taylor Swift song:
    1. As it Was, Harry Styles (1) 
    2. Kiss Me More, Doja Cat (2)
    3. Spring Day, BTS (3) 
    4. Friend, Gracie Abrams (4) 
    5. Survivor, Destiny’s Child (5) 
  6. Choose a TV show/ movie character:
    1. Bojack Horseman from Bojack Horseman (1)
    2. Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy (2)
    3. Winston Bishop from New Girl (3) 
    4. Kate Sharma from Bridgerton (4) 
    5. Tahani Al-Jamil from The Good Place (5)
  7. Choose a type of bread
    1. Baguette (1)
    2. Wonder Bread (2)
    3. Banana Bread (3)
    4. Multigrain (4)
    5. Pumpkin bread (5)

Mostly (1): Shady Swiftie

You downloaded Taylor Swift’s entire discography illegally (DO NOT DO THIS!) because you are either a hardcore Kanye fan or you chose Harry Styles in the “divorce”. You secretly bought a red scarf after the release of the 10 minute version of “All too well”, but you deny the existence of your scarf to anyone who will listen, and you are a natural hater. Get humbled. 

Mostly (2): Baby Swiftie

You danced to “You Belong with Me” in your bedroom very recently, wishing your bedroom window faced your crush’s window. Recently recovered from your “Taylor Swift is overrated phase” (which was a very dark and depressing time), you pray every night to your Taylor Swift shrine in the corner of your closet that she’ll go on tour soon. Of course, you do the Taylordle first thing every morning. 

Mostly (3): Heartbroken Swiftie

You’re just really, really sad, even though you’ve never been through a breakup. You’ve cried to “Nothing New” at least 30 times last quarter, and when you got your semester report back, you locked yourself in your room and listened to Folklore and Evermore on repeat for 48 hours straight. You only listen to the Sad Girl Autumn Version of the 10-minute “All to Well”, and have a Taylor Swift inspired poetry account on Tumblr. You also formerly used to carry a hydroflask.   

Mostly (4): Cat Mom/Dad Swiftie

Your three cats are named after Taylor Swift songs, and you recently discovered Taylor Swift’s chai cookies, which you’ve baked more than 15 times since. Yesterday, your cat hid a mouse in your shoe and you gave him a treat for being “curious and compassionate”. The Taylor Swift “Cardigan” cardigan is your most prized possession and you’ve killed 6 houseplants this past year. 

Mostly (5): TSwiftluvr1479 

Your fan account uploads colorful edits, descriptive fanfictions, and Taylor Swift easter eggs every Thursday. You wrote your 5th grade essay about role models on Taylor Swift, and you’ve honed your debate skills through getting into regular Twitter arguments over Taylor Swift’s best eras. You solely listen to Taylor Swift with a handful of Olivia Rodrigo, Conan Gray, and Phoebe Bridgers, you’ve boycotted Keeping up with the Kardashians, and you plan on buying a New York apartment because you believe that “someday you’ll live in a big old city”. 

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