Paw Print game review – Need for Speed: Most Wanted

By Cameron Smith, Staff Writer

About Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is an open-world racing game developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts. This game is a pick up of another Need for Speed game of the same name that was first released in 2005. This game was released on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Vita, PC, as well as Android and iOS devices in 2012 and a Wii U outlet dubbed Need for Speed: Most Wanted U in 2013.

Gameplay and Features: A

In Need for Speed: Most Wanted, roam the city of Fairhaven in several cars as you attempt to become the most wanted street racer in town. As you complete races and evade police chases, race against other wanted drivers to rise up the ranks and take the wheel behind more cars in the process. Use several features to customize your car, like Easydrive, a personal assistant you can use mid-game to change your car’s paint job and upgrades, and Autolog, a mode where you can race with other active players for driving supremacy.

Also, in the Wii U version, if you can’t navigate in a hurry, a second player can help you out as your Co-Driver! While one player drives with the Wii Remote, the other provides assistance to their partner via the Wii U Gamepad.

Controlling direction on the Wii Remote while assisting on the Wii U Gamepad is an option for players looking for teamwork.

Downloadable Content: B+

Need for Speed: Most Wanted has five DLC packs that unlock new cars, events, and inaccessible content. One package, the Time Saver Pack, provides access to all the cars in the game and their locations, excluding the most wanted cars, in multiplayer mode. Another pack, called NFS Heroes, unlocks five memorable cars from previous Need for Speed games. Unfortunately, all but one DLC pack were not added into the Wii U version.

Reception: A+

Before release, Most Wanted was very adored by NFS and Burnout fans, where gameplay is surprisingly similar to EA’s other critically acclaimed game, Burnout Paradise. Post-release, the game received generally positive reviews. Metacritic had given all versions an over 70-80/100 rating. Joystiq, who rated it a ⅘, gave this statement: “Need for Speed: Most Wanted is the next Burnout game fans have [been] clamoring for – it may not say so on the box, but everything about it screams Burnout. The feel of the cars, the physics and the eclectic mix of multiplayer modes are all undeniably Criterion qualities, the things old fans love and the properties that convert new fans with every studio release.” Eurogamer also stated: “Its sense of character may not be as forceful as Criterion’s other games – but the sense of competition that informs it, the joy of discovery and the plain pleasure of driving haven’t been dimmed in the slightest. This isn’t quite paradise, but it comes very close.”

Want a Taste of the Action??

Here is a compilation of races involving all ten Most Wanted cars in the game.

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