Top 22 Things of 2014

Twenty fourteen ended about a month ago which has given us a moment to reflect on both the good and bad events here at Payton this past year. Below we have listed some of the top and worst events at Payton in no particular order.

Top 11

1. Open House

Although this is a yearly event here at Payton, it is probably one of the most exciting ones. Especially since Payton was ranked the #1 school in Illinois this year, many parents and students were very eager to see Payton from the inside.


2. CPS Closing school for extreme weather

Oh the weather outside IS frightening. In fact, it was so frightening that CPS decided the conditions were not suitable for students.

3. Payton family expanding with new teachers and staff

2014 was a year that brought in some new faces to our school, we are so happy to have added some new Grizzlies to our staff

4. Clark/Division red line station is remodeled and relocated

Although it isn’t exactly on Clark/Division anymore, Payton’s nearest train stop has been given a much needed makeover. It is currently still undergoing some touch ups, a nice paint job on the platform.

5. Beginning construction of the Payton Annex

11 classrooms, a new gym, and a new blackbox theater? We can’t wait!

6. The Email Chain

It was an email that fueled a war throughout Payton students and teachers. Mr. Belcaster challenged Mr. Devine in his video response whcih was sparked by our original article – “The Email That Changed Payton” Read the article here. Watch Mr. Belcaster’s response here and Mr. Devine’s response to Mr. Belcaster here

7. Payton wins it’s second blue ribbon award

Payton was one of only three Illinois schools to recieve the coveted Blue Ribbon School award in 2014. Thanks to all the students, teachers, and staff putting in hard work every day to make Payton one of the best school environments in the nation. Read more about our achievement here

8. Payton’s Newspaper on the rise

2014 marked Payton Pawprint hisotry, with over 2,000 views on a single article. Let’s beat that in 2015!

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 9.16.07 AM

9. Starbucks opening even closer to Payton

Now you can fuel your coffee addiction even faster than before. The new Starbucks is located on Wells and Scott, a 4 minute walk from Payton.


10. Hashbrowns opening as another food option

If you haven’t noticed, there is an all new resturaunt on Wells and Division, just a block away from the school. It is called Hashbrowns, and it is a delicious brunch option. Check it out after a chill seminar day.

11. Free lunch for everyone

No more lunch money needed! CPS now offers free lunch to all students reguardless of income.

Worst 11

1. Teachers and staff leaving Payton

It can’t all be good news, right? Some of our favorite teachers and staff left Payton in 2014, but they are never forgotten.

2. The class of 2014 failed to have a successful senior prank

Senior pranks? Where they at doe? Who knows. Last years seniors were too busy applying to colleges and being productive students to busy themselves with a silly school prank.

3. Plans to start on Payton’s Annex are delayed and begin later than expected

We were waiting…..and waiting…..and…..waiting.

4. Making up 4 snow days

It was too good to be true.

5. Teachers losing parking options

Parking has become a hot commodity since the parking lot has become the foundation for Payton’s annex.

6. Students losing parking options

As for student parking, it is basically nonexistent. Better off taking the CTA!

7. Elimination of some classes 

R.I.P AP Art History and Global Issues.


8. Class of 2014 leaving our school

Congratulations! But we’ll miss you in 2015

9. No shave november

Facial hair isn’t for everybody..

10. Teachers participating in beard contest

So much facial hair in one school

11. Students are no longer able to fundraise by selling food

Sadly, we can no lomger sell candy, churros, or cookies at lunch.


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