Payton journalists win 7 first place awards at the 2022 IJEA State Journalism Awards

By Bridget Galibois, Copy Editor

The third floor atrium at Payton, as seen on September 21, 2021.

This May, shortly after the Paw Print won awards at the 2022 City Journalism Awards, the Paw Print received further recognition at the IJEA State Journalism Awards. Payton journalists won seven first place awards at the competition, including Best Staff Editorial Commentary, Best Serious Commentary, and Best Feature Story.

The Paw Print received 11 awards in total, and Payton News Network’s broadcasts received two awards. Editor Aaron Fair and Copy Editors Megha Khemka and Vivian Kaleta got two awards each, along with Tech Editor Nora Sun, and Contributor Hadli Joyce recieving first place for their articles.

See below for more award-winning pieces published by the Paw Print.

Best Photo Gallery/Photo Slideshow (First Place)

A Day in the Life: Starting with “Sweetness”” by Editor Aaron Faier, Tech Editor Nora Sun, and Copy Editors Megha Khemka, Alexis Park, Bridget Galibois, and Vivian Kaleta

Best Staff Editorial Commentary (First Place)

Editorial- The forgotten majority: How in-person learning amplifies remote learning’s inequities” by Editor-in-Chief Isabelle Ravanas, Editor Aaron Faier, Tech Editor Nora Sun, and Copy Editors Megha Khemka, Alexis Park, Bridget Galibois, and Vivian Kaleta

Best Serious Commentary (First Place)

The Disillusionment Arc: an evolution of students’ perceptions of Payton through four years” by Tech Editor Nora Sun

Best Feature Story (First Place)

Alice Ginsburg and the legacy of the Holocaust: Lessons for today’s youth” by Copy Editor Megha Khemka

Best Sports Commentary (First Place)

Payton’s Transformation: A sports school” by Contributor Hadli Joyce

Best Audio Journalism (First Place)

Rehumanizing school closures: “Saving money” but hurting students (Multimedia Podcast)” by Contributors Addie Daab, Alexandros Kroner, Colin Symons, Jada Wordlaw, and Natalie Soutonglang

Best Website (First Place)

Payton News Network

Best Headline (Second Place)

No more MAP Testing: Road to high school entrances unreadable” by Staff Writer Ella Schaffer

Best Video Story (Second Place)

Three-Peat”, by PNN Co-Executive Producer Bridget Cozzi

Best Illustration (Third Place)

Building Pressure”, by Contributor Liam Wills

Best Video Story (Third Place)

What school would you attend if you didn’t go to Payton?”, by Copy Editor Vivian Kaleta

Best Website (Third Place)

The Paw Print

Best Humorous Commentary (Honorable Mention)

StudGov quits, takes road trip to “find its purpose””, by Editor Aaron Faier

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