ALAS Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

The Alliance of Latin American Students (ALAS) celebrated Hispanic Heritage month with dancing, food, and fun, on the evening of September 13, 2013.

From 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., students, faculty, parents, and friends in the Payton community attended the event and enjoyed the live salsa band while munching on delicious plates of authentic Latino cuisine.

Mexican and Puerto Rican food such as crunchy chicharrones, zesty chicken, juicy steak, tangy rice, fluffy churros, and colorful snow cones, were only some of the many dishes available.

Meanwhile, the music from the band filled the atrium and attendees were taught two different styles of dance. The event even featured multiple line dances where the guests could jump in and show off their dancing skills. The room was filled with enthusiasm and excitement as the Payton community came together to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month.

Students of ALAS sold tickets to the event during lunch, in order to raise money to purchase laptops. The number of laptops that ALAS is able to purchase depends on how much money they made from selling the event tickets. The laptops will be given to seniors, who will be chosen via application later on.

The celebration of Payton’s Latin American culture was a huge success, filled with vibrant dance and ethnic cuisine. Payton looks forward to more ALAS events in the future.

Martha Villanueva ‘14 and Hope Reyes ‘14 enjoy the ALAS celebration.

Martha Villanueva ‘14 and Hope Reyes ‘14 enjoy the ALAS celebration.

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