Cricket anyone?

By Violeta Lialios-Bouwman Staff Writer

Beginning in the 16th century in the grassy dew drop fields of Southern England, a now very popular sport evolved, the national sport of England. Cricket, a classic bat-and-ball game consists of two teams of eleven players. The essence of the game is indeed a lot like baseball, but varies in many ways.

The field in which one plays cricket is approximately 66 feet by 10 feet. The length of the game depends on the importance of the match; a friendly neighborhood game may last up to two hours while a country vs. country match may last up to ten hours. The bat used looks like a widened baseball bat with one side completely flat.

Each team strives to hit the ball as far as they can, in turn running to the other end of the pitch and earning a run. If a player on the other team gets a hold of the ball before they reach the end of the pitch, they may throw the ball promptly to the wicket (or to another team member near the wicket), hopefully hitting and knocking it over. The batsmans’ priority is to protect his wicket. If it is dislodged, the team up to bat is out, and after a team receives ten outs, the other team is up to bat.

Cricket may very well be played as a simple and pleasant game or played intensely and competitively. If you think you would be interested in forming and joining a Cricket team or enrichment, please email me at

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