Warframe Review and Update 18, The Second Dream


WARFRAME published by “Digital Extremes” developed by “Digital Extremes”.

(rated M for mature by ESRB)

available on PC,Xbox one, and Playstation 4.

Third-person shooter action MMO. Science Fiction

Open beta as of 2013 with weekly updates and periodic patches/bugfixes

Update 18 (U18) “The Second Dream” released 12/02/15 for PC, 12/18/15 for PS4, and 12/21/15 for Xbox one

So the first review I did was for this game and the review was published just last week (11/29/15 to 12/05/15), the day before a major update came out for the game…yeah aside from that funny little coincidence update reviews for games that are currently in development are going to be frequent, so I’d like to go over what has been added to warframe in this update and rethink a few of my thoughts on Warframe. Now this update adds a decent amount of content but most of it retains to the story of the game so I’m going to try to avoid “spoilers” and focus on details and mechanics.


With this update came plenty of new equipment including new weapons, warframes, and cosmetic items. In regards to weapons from this update a change has been made to the sniper rifle weapons in-game to make them more powerful, such as increased damage when looking through the scope and a combo based damage multiplier that increases with each consecutive hit on an enemy, a few new melee weapons and a secondary weapon were added to the game. Two new Warframes came out recently one from a few updates before “U18” called Wukong based off a character from Chinese mythology and The new archery/thief themed Warframe called Ivara both have the ability to do large amounts of damage and use stealth to their advantage with their powers. The cosmetic items aren’t much to talk about a set of cosmetic armor is available involving the new quest and a new cape designed in mind for Ivara. A few more things that came with this update was a new hub location to act as an Auction house for players to sell items at if they prefer this as to using the trading chat which is rather hectic. This might be a slight spoiler for the quest but what I’d like to say is that a new system has been made to give you special abilities in missions the system requires experience to be earned to progress through one of several skill trees and this is intended to give high ranked late game players a goal to work towards by letting them apply an item to a maximum rank warframe or weapon (rank 30) that lets them gain experience for one of the skill trees mentioned instead of experience that would increase the rank of the weapon. Ok now with the spoilers out of the way what i think is one of the best part of this update is the daily missions called “Sorties” which are missions that for a 24 hour period 3 high level missions are available and after they are completed you will receive a reward that can only be gained from these missions and these rewards will change after a few weeks, but what I really like is that this gives players who have been playing for a while and may be burned out on the same missions, 3 new missions each day with different conditions and challenges that give rare rewards which gives great incentive to at least login once day for something other than daily login rewards.


So to wrap it up I’d like to restate and re evaluate a few things from my initial review for Warframe. The first thing I’d like to get to is that I believe before this update I was a bit burned out on what was available in game and wasn’t as interested but this update definitely got me back into the game with new parts of the story, locations, challenges, and rewards. Second of all the community may not be as big of a deal anyway if you’re a new player and aren’t exactly involved with all of the speculation and discussion on forums about future updates so really the community is like any other community for an online game with a few angry people here and there. Finally warframe is a good game I think if it keeps going like this it will get even better, no game is going to be perfect and lack any downsides but Warframe is a game that one could put a lot of time into and enjoy it in my opinion.

To cover any other information not discussed here:

Official Warframe site and Update 18 overview https://warframe.com/news/attention-pc-tenno-27

(Feel free to look into the most recent Developer live streams and Forum post Detailing the most recent updates)

 Initial review from November, 2015 print edition of The Paw Print (see archives)


‘Warframe’ is a free, multi­player, third person shooter game that takes place in the far future af­ter the fall of an advanced human empire.

On a less serious note, the game features magical ninja cyborgs in space. Although the plot appears simlar to that of ‘Destiny,’ game­play and deeper aspects of the game differentiate these two fic­tional dystopias. It’s simply a mat­ter of preference as to which game you prefer to play.

Initial Gameplay:

In the first quest, you will tour two planets and be introduced to combat commands, customization systems, and a different mission types.

Most missions can be com­pleted alone, but you can play in a squad of up to four people. Com­bat is quick and the selection of weapons and equipment is large. Equipment is updated weekly, and new warframes are added in larger updates, which are offered every few months.

For the new user: levels are initally capped at 30, while while enemy level cap is well past 100 in later game content. To bypass this, the game offers upgrades for high­er levels. With this update, your weapons do more damage, your warframes more durable, and your abilities, more powerful.

Later Game Content:

After visiting each of the 13 planets and moons, defeating the bosses on those planets, and searching for powerful equip­ment, new opportunities will open. Most missions will be completed with randomly matched groups of people from the recruiting chat, members of a clan/alliance you’re in, or you have friends who play the same levels as you do.

Don’t expect gameplay to fly by: some missions will be endur­ance runs that can last for hours. However, if you have a good group, not all missions are multi-hour long affairs; multiple mis­sions can be run very quickly ei­ther alone or with a group. All the late game content really requires is an understanding of the mechanics of the game and decent equipment.


‘Warframe’ receives large con­tent updates every few months. The next update (18.0) will rework multiple aspects of gameplay, in­cluding a solar map. Additionally, developers have been hinting of introducing a regionally based lay­out, which alters mission selection and adds variety. The developers also plan on remodeling the void and refunding the void keys. I’m not sure how developers plan on executing these changes, but I per­sonally think that, since they have been hinting about this rework for months, it will givr variety and in­troduce a large amount of lore to the game universe.

The Gaming Community:

The ‘Warframe’ community is very active and features lots of fan-made content, such as fan art, guides, and videos on Youtube. However, the community is not free of toxic, rude, or hostile indi­viduals that plague online commu­nities. Let that be an invitation and a warning to you.


Although ‘Warframe’ is a free-to-play game, the developers need funds to continue its development. Because of this, there is a purchas­able ingame currency called “plat­inum.” With platinum, the user can purchase cosmetic items, weapons warframes, and inventory slots. These are offered in addition to the three warframe and four weapon slots you start with.

As the existance of online gam­ing currency is hotly debated, you can acquire platinum without actu­ally buying it. Instead, players can trade equipment mods, prime item parts, and other unique items for platinum.

Kinks and Glitches:

Many issues in the current version of ‘Warframe’ are easily dealth with, as equipment modifi­cation is very diverse and flexible, allowing you to make interesting and powerful combinations. How­ever, other problems are still being solved by the developers, such as matchmaking optimization. Some bugs that can completely halt progress in a mission.

The Verdict:

‘Warframe’ has satisfying, fast-paced combat, plenty of equip­ment to greatly diversify how you play, and has many intriguing and unique elements in it’s story. How­ever, it can become repetitive, so take breaks from the game if nec­essary.

Developers make the updates sound very promising, so if you aren’t interested in the game in its current state, I highly suggest you look into ‘Warframe’ later, and definitely bring friends along.

Fast Facts:

Published by: “Digital Ex­tremes,” developed by “Digital Extremes.”

Rated: M for mature by ESRB)

Available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

Third-person shooter action MMO. Genre: Science Fiction

Open beta as of 2013 with weekly updates and periodic patches/bugfixes


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