Hushed Book Nook?

By Ben Lohman

Payton’s library has been home to many Payton students throughout the years. Recently Payton’s library has been the focus of policy changes with the space becoming a quiet zone.

Freddy Martin ‘19 said, “I used to go to the library every day, lunch and during a lot of enrichments. I’ve spent a lot of time there during my first two years at Payton.”

Whether it is before school, during lunch, or in homework club, the library has been an important place to meet for Grizzlies.

Students now are not allowed to talk when in the library, and students who do speak can only get a few whispers out without being hushed by the assistant librarian, Ms. Nickeas.

This change has relocated many students on their lunches throughout the first floor, overpopulating both lunch rooms and the atrium.

The East cafeteria has also seen an influx of students, crammed tightly on the benches, while the library sits mostly dormant.

The West cafeteria isn’t as tightly packed, but has many more students and is very loud.

Collin Butler ‘19 and Brendan Huerta ‘19 aren’t fond of the library’s former occupants moving to the cafeterias: “It’s too loud to concentrate when finishing up homework,” and “I have to raise my voice so that the people sitting around me can hear what I said.”

The major motive for this switch is due to Payton’s first year of the one-to-one computing program, in which each student is required to have a computer. With everyone having their own laptop, Payton’s administration elected to remove the decade-old computers throughout the library.

Eli Bresler ‘18 was personally affected by the removal of library computers: “The transition has been really rough; people don’t really know where to go anymore. I looked forward to [playing] slime soccer every day.”

The library is now the host to the enrichment “Group QST” that provides a space for student groups to work in a setting similar to QST, although students are required to collaborate on a project, work on assignment, or study in small groups.

Caitlin Nygren ‘18 is a supporter of group QST: “I feel like my studying has been more efficient. I can learn from my peers a lot faster than trying to learn on my own.”

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