Payton, meet Mr. Rob – a new physics teacher

By Elisa Xie, Contributor

Answers are paraphrased per request of the interviewee.

Mr. Rob, excited to start his class.

The Paw Print: What’s your name and pronouns?

Mr. Rob: I’m Mr. Rob and I go by he/his pronouns.

The Paw Print: When is your birthday?

Mr. Rob: August.

The Paw Print: What classes do you teach?

Mr. Rob: I teach AP Physics and Honors Physics for 9th grade.

The Paw Print: How long have you been teaching?

Mr. Rob: This is my 13th year working for CPS.

The Paw Print: What schools have you taught at prior to Payton?

Mr. Rob: Most of my time was spent at Westinghouse where I taught chemistry (only a year), Junior Physics, and AP Physics for seniors.

The Paw Print: What do you enjoy most about teaching? 

Mr. Rob: I really love physics and science a lot. I think it’s an amazing way to look at the world and I’m excited to share my excitement with everyone I talk to.

The Paw Print: What is your favorite thing to teach about physics?

Mr. Rob: The main thing I like is that it’s a way of measuring the everyday. We use the language of math to describe the world we live in and I think that’s really cool.

The Paw Print: What are your opinions on the school and its community so far?

Mr. Rob: It’s good so far. Payton students are definitely very gung-ho about their learning: they take their education very seriously. The school seems very nice. I like that it’s a very bright building.

The Paw Print: Which clubs or seminars do you run?

Mr. Rob: I’m the sponsor for the esports enrichment. I also run Science Olympiad with Ms. Moroney. Other than that, I do tutoring and retakes for Physics. As for seminars, I have the New Teacher seminar and I also have the Puzzle Club with Ms. Barge.

The Paw Print: What are your hobbies and interests outside of school?

Mr. Rob: Cycling, woodworking, and hiking.

The Paw Print: What kind of things do you make with woodworking?

Mr. Rob: I make furniture and other stuff in my house. I’ve made bookcases, kitchen islands, tables, cutting boards, etc. I even made dog stairs for my sister. I also make instruments, specifically guitars and basses.

The Paw Print: If you weren’t a teacher, what would you be?

Mr. Rob: A luthier, which is someone who makes instruments and repairs them

The Paw Print: What’s your favorite sports team?

Mr. Rob: University of Michigan football

The Paw Print: What’s your favorite show?

Mr. Rob: I have three that vary depending on my mood. In general, I would say Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. But if I’m in the mood for something funnier I’ll watch Community or Parks and Recreation.

The Paw Print: Do you have any pets?

Mr. Rob: Yes, I have a dog named Tesla. Named after the Czech inventor, not the car company.

The Paw Print: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Mr. Rob: That changes based on the season. Let’s just go with pizza; you can change it up a lot.

The Paw Print: Is there anything else you would like to say?

Mr. Rob: I’m really excited to be here at Payton. All my interactions with students and staff have been positive. I’m looking forward to an exciting year now that we’re all back here in person.

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