Meet Mr. Carr – a new addition to the Payton Counseling Department

By Osvaldo Ortega, Contributor

Mr. Carr in his new office in the library.

The Paw Print: What drew you to Payton?

Mr. Carr: I had made the decision to move to Chicago and I only wanted to work for CPS, because I wanted to be in the city. I was finishing up the school year at my previous position and I saw that there was a job posting on CPS’s website for Payton and I started doing research and saw what an incredible school it is. [When] I applied, I was living in St. Louis at the time so I wasn’t sure if they would select me but they did, and I interviewed, and I’m here and I love it. 

The Paw Print: What’s your favorite color? 

Mr. Carr: Blue has always been my favorite color, mostly because it just seems very peaceful and soothing. I like the different shades of it, but cobalt blue would be my favorite blue.  

The Paw Print: What has your experience been like so far at Payton?

Mr. Carr: It’s been very positive. I really enjoy working with the counseling team. They’re very supportive, and I’ve learned so much from them so far. I love the teachers and students; it just seems like a very supportive environment. 

The Paw Print: What’s your favorite food? 

Mr. Carr: French fries. 

The Paw Print: What impact do you hope to have at Payton?

Mr. Carr: I hope that my students feel that when they come to see me or when they email me or any interaction that they have, that they’ve felt supported and felt like they got what they needed, and that I’ve helped them in some way.  

The Paw Print: What’s your favorite song?

Mr. Carr: An 80’s song called “Take On Me” by a-ha.

The Paw Print: What do you think is the most important challenge students will face when they leave high school, and how do you prepare students for this challenge?

Mr. Carr: I think one of the most challenging things can sometimes be just transitioning out of high school and on to adulthood. The college transition can be tough just with adjusting to classes,a new environment and (potentially) having a roommate. I think that we, as a department, hope to work with students on coping skills and ways to deal with transitions, because in life we’re almost always kind of in a transition; so, I’m hoping that students feel like we’ve prepared them in some way through our curriculum or our one-on-one interactions with them on how to deal with those new situations.

The Paw Print: What is your favorite sport or player?

Mr. Carr: Tennis is my favorite sport. I grew up playing and I’ve coached it before. I always liked watching the Williams sisters: Serena and Venus. I always liked watching both of them, especially when they played doubles.

The Paw Print: What is something you want everyone to know about you? 

Mr. Carr: [They should know] that I’m always here to help. 

The Paw Print:  Do you have a favorite genre of shows or movies?

Mr. Carr: Reality TV! 

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