What is a Local School Council?

By Megha Khemka, Copy Editor


Local School Councils are policy-making bodies whose aim is to empower parents, communities, students, and educational leaders, as well as give them a voice in decision-making processes regarding the school they serve. Most CPS schools, including elementary and secondary schools, have LSC committees, but only high school LSCs include student representatives. The primary decision-making capabilities of the LSC are regarding: 

  • Approving the biannual school based academic plan (Continuous Improvement Work Plan, or CIWP)
  • Approving the budget, and ensuring it  aligns with the CIWP
  • Engaging in the annual evaluation of the principal’s professional practices
  • Selecting or renewing principals’ contracts


Payton’s LSC meets once a month on Tuesdays at 6 PM; all discussion is tabled for a future meeting at 8 PM. The agenda includes space for 10 minutes of public comment at the beginning and end of each meeting, while the bulk of the time is typically spent in presenting and discussing reports from various committees and representatives (e.g. Principal, Friends of Payton, Student Representatives). 


Payton’s LSC, an elected high school council, consists of:

Community Representatives: Erica Bauer (Organizing Principal Selection); Susannah Gottlieb

Qualification: Reside in the attendance area or voting district of that school

Principal: Fareeda Shabazz

Non-Teacher Staff Representative(s): Wanda Baez

Teacher Representatives: Devan J Picard; Joshua A Wiggins

Parent Representatives: Kamaljeet Murthy (Chair), Laura Hansen, Ursula Pridgen Ricketts, Michelle McGruder, David Schaffer, Daniel Sullivan

Student Representative(s): Rem Johannknecht; Megha Khemka; Natalie Cavallo


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