2022 New Year’s Resolutions for Payton Students

By Ella Schaffer, Staff Writer

The New Year is celebrated both socially and religiously around the world. Payton students have various New Years’ traditions. For instance, Maggie Tsyganova ‘23 said that she celebrates the “New Year with gift-giving between family and friends.” Riya Joshi ‘23 said that during New Year’s eve her family plays “board games, charades, and poker.” 

Payton students return from Winter break to a new year, new semester, and often New Year’s resolutions. Lauren Vo ‘23 and Alma Gyabin ’23 both said that their New Year’s resolutions are to “stop procrastinating.” Vo added that she wants to work on her overall time management. 

For Payton students, finding resolutions that help focus on de-stressing may be helpful. For instance, an anonymous student says that her New Year’s resolutions include “spending more time with family before college, focusing more on school, reading more, and drinking more water.” 

Here are some questions to consider:

How stressed are you?  

How often do you try new things? 

Do you prioritize your wellbeing and health? 

Do you always make and keep your New Year’s Resolutions? 

Here are some common New Year’s resolutions to explore:

  • Read more books
  • Cook a new recipe every week
  • Drink more water
  • Start writing in a journal
  • Join a new club
  • Pick up a new hobbie
  • Spend more time with family
  • Plan your weeks out with a weekly schedule
  • Start volunteering somewhere
  • Take more walks
  • Give people more compliments
New Year’s Resolutions, read more books: Chicago Public Library, located a three minute walk from Walter Payton.
New Year’s Resolution, journal/prioritize mental health: This writing prompt journal is available at Barnes and Noble.
New Year’s Resolution, eat healthier and cook a new recipe each week: Aldi is an affordable grocery store located a one minute walk away from Walter Payton.

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