Students give feedback on new CPS schedule with earlier start date; juniors say “two thumbs down”

By Nora Sun, Editor

CPS has proposed a controversial new schedule with several major changes. According to this schedule, schools will start on Aug. 22, a week earlier than the August 30 start day from this year. Schools will also end a week earlier on June 7, also a week earlier than usual. The first semester will end prior to winter break which begins on Dec. 22 and will be approximately 15 weeks long. The second semester will begin on Jan. 9 and will be approximately 20 weeks long. Thanksgiving Break, which has been three days long, will be extended to a week long. Spring break will remain a week long. This new schedule will be voted on at the Chicago Board of Education meeting this week. (CPS releases calendar for 2022-23 school year)


Proposed new calendar, courtesy of Chicago Sun-Times. 

Payton students have mixed reactions to this new schedule. Some students think that the new schedule makes more sense, and their finals will be less stressful without winter break wedged in the middle of the first semester. 

“I think it’ll be helpful to not have that break in between the first semester and finals,” says junior Simon Schwartz. “This allows continuous learning during the semester and will eliminate the need to relearn materials for finals [after winter break].”

Junior Demi Moore agrees: “It is more balanced time-wise to have a full semester before winter break and a full semester before summer break.”

“It will give out athletic and academic teams more parody with the suburban schools,” says math team coach Mr. Caines.

However, other students cringe at the idea of having their summer break cut short. 

“The new schedule is bad. Two thumbs down,” says junior Ritvik Viniak, passionate about the topic. 

Riona Duncan ‘23 points out that juniors drew the short straw. “The new schedule makes this summer a lot shorter,” they explain, “and since I’m going to graduate next year, I’m not really going to get the benefits, I will just get the short summer.”

Other juniors are concerned about grades and college applications. 

“I don’t like that the semesters are uneven,” says junior Felix Mundy-Mancino. “Second semester [which is five more weeks than the first semester] is really long, and the semester ending before winter break means that college apps will be due at the same time as finals.”

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