What classes should you consider for next year?

By Lily Suskind and Zoe Schnack, Contributors

Course selections are amidst us, so Paw Print wanted to provide some resources to help you choose your classes for the upcoming school year. We obviously recommend taking Newspaper, but what about other advice? Be sure to balance honors and AP classes, and if you have the opportunity, take a class whose subject you are very interested in! From art classes to AP math courses here are recommendations to help you fulfill all your graduation requirements.

“Spanish 4 is a big thumbs up. There’s no homework!” -Max Harris, Class of ‘23

“AP Biology is engaging and you learn about new topics. The workload is fine, and the class is really interesting.” -Nate Sullivan, Class of ‘23

“Sculpture [is] super fun and relaxing.” -Maya Jha, Class of ‘23

“I enjoy the content of AP Calculus AB, but for my major in college it didn’t make the most sense for me to take it. I’m going to major in nursing.” -Fiona Prugh, Class of ‘22

“We enjoyed making our own drinks in Chemistry and learning about the content of energy drinks.” -Natalia Ryszka and Tyler Glunz Class of ‘24

“AP Psychology is a really interesting class. There’s a lot of terms to memorize, but it’s super interesting to learn about your own brain.” -Carly Gillman, Class of ‘23

“AP English Literature and Composition is a super interesting class and [Ms. Cristiano] is very knowledgeable. You get out what you put in, so if you read the content and enjoy analyzing literature, you’ll love this class. Ms. Cristiano has lots of insights.” -Shala Schmookler, Class of ‘23

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