Mr. Evans on travel, respect, and being a security officer

By Henry Nicewick and Marek Cherian, Staff Writers

Meet Mr. Derrick Evans, a security guard at Payton and a key staff member that keeps the school up-and-running on a daily basis.

Paw Print: How long have you been a security officer?

Mr. Evans: That’s a good question. I worked at a prison for 20 years, and I’ve been at CPS for 7 years.

Paw Print: What’s your favorite part about being a security officer?

Mr. Evans: The regiment, believe it or not. You have to have order, and I like order. There’s a lot of order that comes with being a security officer. So, I guess that’s the biggest highlight.

Paw Print: Why did you decide to become a security officer?

Mr. Evans: So, that’s a good question too. Because I didn’t decide, it kind of decided for me. It kind of just happened.. I didn’t decide to do this, you know? I like property, real estate, you know, that type of stuff. So, security, it just fell in my lap.

Paw Print: What do you like to do outside of your job?

Mr. Evans: I like to read. […] I like projects, you know? I like horseback riding, traveling, I could go on and on – I like to do a lot of stuff when I’m not with you guys [chuckles].

Paw Print: What’s your favorite place to travel to?

Mr. Evans: My favorite place to travel to is the zoo, so wherever I go I like to find the zoo. If I’m in Hawaii I go to the zoo in Hawaii. I love animals.

Paw Print: What’s your favorite zoo you’ve been to?

Mr. Evans: San Diego. These animals come to the car and it’s something else.

Paw Print: How do you feel about the Payton community and atmosphere?

Mr. Evans: I have mixed feelings about it right now

Paw Print: Do you have a favorite interaction with a Payton student?

Mr. Evans: I’ve had some really good interactions. So, nothing really sticks out. I don’t really have one in particular because nothing stands out like that. We have some really good kids here. They help each other, they’re respectful, and I’ve had many good experiences with you [all]. 

The authors, Henry and Marek (left and right sides) with Mr. Evans (middle).

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